Infrared Thermography in the Evaluation of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Mária Tkáčová
  • Radovan Hudák
  • Jozef Živčák
  • Ivana Živčáková
Part of the Topics in Intelligent Engineering and Informatics book series (TIEI, volume 2)


The Aim of the study was to identify the temperature difference between physiologically healthy and pathologically hand affected by carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). For the purposes of this study were created two databases of 190 thermograms of dorsal side of hands. The first database consists of normal thermograms of physiologically healthy hands called reference group (RG n= 174). The second is the database with 16 pathological hands ( CTS n=16) with clinically diagnosed CTS in 9 patients. Pre-surgical thermograms of the volunteers’ hands affected by CTS were obtained using infrared thermography (Thermocamera Fluke Ti55/20). We have observed the temperature distribution in the entire hand and partial temperatures for two years. The main significant areas for this study were the center point of carpals (T1) and the area of distal phalanges on middle fingers (T5). The Index of Median Nerve (D MI=(T1-T5) were determined based on resulting data. Test results obtained from measurements of the two points on the dorsal side of hands have showed that the temperature of CTS hands is typically higher in the phalanges as opposed to the wrist (D MI0; 75,0%), while the temperature is the lowest in the distal phalanges (T5) of healthy hands (D MI>0, 68.4%). The calculated sensitivity of diagnostic test with the confidence interval 0,750±0.202 and the specificity of diagnostic test with the confidence interval 0,684±0.069 show that thermography could be a promising method in the diagnostic process of CTS.


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