Template-Based Conformal Shape-from-Motion-and-Shading for Laparoscopy

  • Abed Malti
  • Adrien Bartoli
  • Toby Collins
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7330)


Shape-from-Shading (SfS) is one of the fundamental techniques to recover depth from a single view. Such a method has shown encouraging but limited results in laparoscopic surgery due to the complex reflectance properties of the organ tissues. On the other hand, Template-Based Deformable-Shape-from-Motion (DSfM) has been recently used to recover a coarse 3D shape in laparoscopy.

We propose to combine both geometric and photometric cues to robustly reconstruct 3D human organs. Our method is dubbed Deformable-Shape-from-Motion-and-Shading (DSfMS). It tackles the limits of classical SfS and DSfM methods: First the photometric template is reconstructed using rigid SfM (Shape-from-Motion) while the surgeon is exploring – but not deforming – the peritoneal environment. Second a rough 3D deformed shape is computed using a recent method for elastic surface from a single laparoscopic image. Third a fine 3D deformed shape is recovered using shading and specularities.

The proposed approach has been validated on both synthetic data and in-vivo laparoscopic videos of a uterus. Experimental results illustrate its effectiveness compared to SfS and DSfM.


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  • Abed Malti
    • 1
  • Adrien Bartoli
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  • Toby Collins
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  1. 1.ALCoV-ISIT, UMR 6284 CNRS/Université d’AuvergneClermont-FerrandFrance

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