Ulnar Imaging for Arthroscopic Surgeons

  • Luis Cerezal
  • Faustino Abascal


Most of the diagnosis of ulnar-sided wrist pain relies on clinical findings supported by conventional radiology. When a particular disease is suspected, it may be useful to carry out specific radiographic projections. Ultrasound is the most useful tool for the diagnosis of tendon pathology and compressive neuropathies. Ultrasound facilitates guidance of infiltrations and interventional procedures. MDCT’s role is the diagnosis of occult fractures and three-dimensional evaluation of fractures, especially in articular fractures. MR imaging is a useful tool for the diagnosis of most intra-articular and extra-articular pathologies of the wrist. However, MR imagingstill have two major limitations, diagnosis of lesions of TFCC Palmer class 1B and carpal instability. Arthrographic sectional techniques (CT arthrography and MR arthrography) may overcome these limitations of conventional MR imaging, allowing a precise diagnosis of TFCC lesions, LT ligament injuries, and midcarpal instability.


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I would like to thank my friend, Paco Piñal, whose encouragement, guidance, and support for many years have enabled me to develop an understanding of the subject.


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