DRUJ Instability: Arthroscopic Ligament Reconstruction

  • Andrea Atzei


The triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is a specialized tridimensional structure, composed by a “proximal component” that inserts into the fovea ulnaris and is responsible for the stability of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ). Though frequently overlooked, the foveal area is of outmost importance also for the stability of the ulnar carpus, since it provides insertion to the ulnocarpal (UC) ligaments as well. Massive rupture of the TFCC or degenerated TFCC margins of chronic peripheral tears usually cause DRUJ and UC instability that are not repairable by direct suture, but require ligament reconstruction.

Using a tendon graft, that is passed through a bone tunnel in the radius and ulna and through the UC ligaments’ interval, the arthroscopic technique allows accurate restoration of joint stability and normal functional biomechanics of the ulnar carpus. The arthroscopic technique of TFCC reconsttruction allows greater accuracy and minimized surgical trauma so that reduced postoperative pain may facilitate postoperative rehabilitation and may allow for an improved overall functional


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