Introduction to the Research Methodology and Role of Stakeholders

  • Carmen B. E. M. Aalbers


Part Two contains the central part of this book—the knowledge of land use change and peri-urbanisation processes and strategies in selected case study rural-urban regions (Figs. 5.1 and 5.2). While each chapter has been written by a team of local researchers and stakeholders and therefore differs in style, beneath this there are common objectives, a common methodology—the Joint Analytical Framework—and a common focus, making it possible to carry out the comparative analysis to be found in  Chap. 13. This section introduces these objectives and methodology so that it does not have to be presented in each case study. In addition to the work carried out by the local research teams, all chapters contain the results of some or all of the spatial and quality of life modelling described in  Chap. 4—the RUG Model, MOLAND and QoLSim. In the case of the MOLAND-Light and QoLSim the data for individual case study regions can be tested directly using the software downloadable from the project website (


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