Accelerating Firewalls: Tools, Techniques and Metrics for Optimizing Distributed Enterprise Firewalls

  • Subrata Acharya
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The overall efficiency, reliability, and availability of firewalls are crucial in enforcing and administering security, especially when the network is under attack. These challenges require new designs, architecture and algorithms to optimize firewalls. Contrary to a list-based structure, a de-centralized (hierarchical) design leads to efficient organization of rule-sets, thereby significantly increasing the performance of the firewall. The objective is to transform the original list-based rule-set into more efficient and manageable structures, in order to improve the performance of firewalls. The main features of this approach are the hierarchical design, rule-set transformation approaches, online traffic adaptation mechanisms, and a strong reactive scheme to counter malicious attacks (e.g. Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks [1]).


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