Carbon Nanotubes

  • Zhifeng Ren
  • Yucheng Lan
  • Yang Wang
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The carbon atoms in a carbon nanotube (CNT) are bonded trigonally in a curved sheet (graphite layer) that forms a hollow cylinder in nanoscale, similar to that in other fullerenes. The length of CNTs may range from less than a micron to several millimeters or even centimeters. Their unique nanostructures result in many extraordinary properties such as high tensile strength, high electrical and thermal conductivities, high ductility, high thermal and chemical stability, making them suitable for various applications as discussed in Chapter 8: Properties and Applications of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays and Chapter 9 : Potential Applications of Carbon Nanotube Arrays. In this chapter, we review the history and structures of carbon nanotubes.


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