Totality: An Introduction and Narrative



To an ‘eclipse virgin’, the intensity of passion that eclipse chasers experience can be difficult to understand. The personal experience of totality is also difficult to relate to. One way to describe it is to refer to something everyone can experience each day—twilight. Twilight, or ‘two lights’, occurs when the Sun is below the horizon but remaining light is scattered from the upper atmosphere to the lower atmosphere. This occurs twice a day, before sunrise and after sunset, with the ambient light radiating from the part of the sky near to the location of the Sun. The resulting ambient light over one horizon gives off interesting hues of colour and has long been used by poets, artists, and painters for inspiration, as well as photographers who wish to create atmospheric images. During the deeper twilight (astronomical twilight), stars and planets can be seen. There is much beauty in sunrises and sunsets and the accompanying twilight, and many people are moved when they experience a beautiful twilight moment.


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