A Personal Introduction to Eclipse Chasing



My eclipse interest was, I believe, shaped during my childhood by my father’s curiosity about the night sky and by witnessing a partial eclipse when I was about 7 years old. I also recall reading Enid Blyton’s book The Secret Mountain when I was eleven, which featured a total solar eclipse in the storyline. I had always been drawn to the image of a total eclipse, and thought it was mysterious and worth seeing 1 day. But it was not until my late twenties that I stood under the shadow of the Moon for the very first time. Since that eclipse on the coast of France in 1999 I have been an eclipse chaser. I have now seen seven total solar eclipses. My eclipse chasing adventures have taken me to places around the world that I may not have visited otherwise. My future travel is now determined by where the shadow of the Moon falls upon the Earth, and I know that I will be an eclipse chaser for as long as I am able.


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