Specification-Driven Test Generation for Model Transformations

  • Esther Guerra
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7307)


Testing model transformations poses several challenges, among them the automatic generation of appropriate input test models and the specification of oracle functions. Most approaches to the generation of input models ensure a certain level of source meta-model coverage, whereas the oracle functions are frequently defined using query or graph languages. Both tasks are usually performed independently regardless their common purpose, and sometimes there is a gap between the properties exhibited by the generated input models and those demanded to the transformations (as given by the oracles).

Recently, we proposed a formal specification language for the declarative formulation of transformation properties (invariants, pre- and postconditions) from which we generated partial oracle functions that facilitate testing of the transformations. Here we extend the usage of our specification language for the automated generation of input test models by constraint solving. The testing process becomes more intentional because the generated models ensure a certain coverage of the interesting properties of the transformation. Moreover, we use the same specification to consistently derive both the input test models and the oracle functions.


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