Plasmoids in Solar Flares and Their Radio and X-ray Signatures

  • Marian Karlický
  • Miroslav Bárta
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings book series (ASSSP, volume 33)


This review summarizes our recent results connected with the theoretical and observational aspects of plasmoids in solar flares. We show that the plasmoids play a very important role in the primary flare process – in the magnetic field reconnection. It is shown how the plasmoids are formed, how they move and interact, and how the flare current sheet is fragmented due to these processes. Furthermore, we present a successive merging of the plasmoids, which not only very efficiently accelerate particles, but also it can produce large plasmoids which are sometimes observed in the X-ray emission. Considering the plasmoids the radio drifting pulsating structures (DPSs), narrowband dm-spikes and the above-the-loop-top hard X-ray sources are interpreted. Some interesting radio spectra, relevant to this topic, are added.


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This research was supported by the grants P209/12/0103, P209/10/1680 (GA CR), and the research project AV0Z10030501 of the Astronomical Institute AS.


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