Bodies and Associated Phenomena

  • Gennadiy Zhegunov
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Life is necessarily associated with a certain material body: as a minimum, with the body of DNA or RNA; as an optimum, with the body of a cell; as a maximum, with multicellular bodies that contain from hundreds to billions of cells. Living bodies are fundamentally different from inanimate objects, not only by having a special form and content––a phenome, but also by having a program, or genome, for production of complex organisms, similar to their own kind. Proteins are the basis of the phenome, and NAs are the basis of the genome. These bodies have a discrete and highly organized structural foundation, and they possess the properties of living matter. Vital properties are not possessed by individual molecules of DNA, RNA, or proteins, but only by their system––the genome, which must necessarily be integrated into a highly organized colloidal matrix of karyoplasms or cytoplasm. It is this matrix that provides and controls precise, directed flows of substances, energy, and information through special molecular channels, and also manages their interaction. In turn, the genome, as a biological microprocessor, manages the structure and work of the molecular matrix and the entire biosystem indirectly through proteins. The cellular matrix is a system unit, and the genome is the memory and software of the entire biosystem. Separately they are dead, but united in a single system, they acquire a new quality, which is called life.


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