Electrical Power Systems Protection and Interdependencies with ICT

  • George M. Milis
  • Elias Kyriakides
  • Antonis M. Hadjiantonis
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7216)


This section discusses the protection of electrical power systems (EPS) and its relation to the supporting Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructure. Several dimensions are addressed, ranging from the need of protection and available protection schemes to the identification of faults and disturbances. The challenges brought by recognizing the interdependent nature of today’s and future’s EPS and ICT infrastructures are also highlighted, based on the Smart Grid and the System of Systems perspectives.


electrical power system protection critical infrastructures disturbance interdependencies 


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  • George M. Milis
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  • Elias Kyriakides
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  • Antonis M. Hadjiantonis
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