Topology Estimation Using Bundle Adjustment

  • Armağan Elibol
  • Nuno Gracias
  • Rafael Garcia
Part of the Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics book series (STAR, volume 82)


As discussed in the previous chapter, obtaining the topology is a requirement for getting globally coherent mosaics from image information alone.

In this chapter, a generic framework for FIM is proposed. This framework is capable of obtaining a topology with a reduced number of matching attempts, and the best possible trajectory estimate. Innovative aspects include the use of a fast image similarity criterion combined with a Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) solution to obtain a tentative initial topology. This topology is then improved by attempting image matching over the pairs for which there is more overlap evidence. Unlike the standard approaches for large-area mosaicing, the proposed framework is able to deal naturally with cases where time-consecutive images cannot be matched successfully, such as completely unordered image sets.


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