Basic Electromagnetics

  • Guennadi A. Kouzaev
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 169)


This Chapter is on the basics of electromagnetism needed for further understanding of advanced electromagnetics and its applications. Taking into account a number of contributions in this field [1]-[25], our material is given in a concise manner to remind the Readers only the main electromagnetic (EM) equations. Among them are those given for static electricity, stationary magnetism, and the Maxwell and wave equations. The boundary conditions and boundary value problems are considered and the reflection of plane waves is studied as an example of these problems. Additionally to this material traditionally included into the books on electromagnetism, the motion of charged particles and dipoles is considered from the classical and semi-classical point of view, and new EMquantum- mechanical equations based on the use of the Hertz vectors and the particle wave functions are introduced. References -75. Figures -13. Pages -49.


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