To Deeply Cherish the Memory of Da Ruan, My Friend since 1988

  • Xuzhu Wang


Da Ruan passed away suddenly, left us not only with the enormous sadness and shock but also the endless recollections of the past.

I was sent to Belgium by Shanxi provincial government as a visiting scholar in 1988. Considering my research area is related to mathematics of fuzziness, in 1991 I contacted Professor Etienne Kerre from Ghent University for cooperation and his guidance and was finally accepted by him. In the follow-up communications with Etienne, I heard of Dr. Da Ruan for the first time (he has obtained the PhD degree from Ghent University). I got in touch with Da soon who told me much information about Belgium and the life abroad. From Da, I also obtained some help and encouragement which have been much important for my starting of research and life in Belgium. I arrived at Ghent University on Nov. 17, 1993 and started my study and research life as well as the face to face contact with Da since then.


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