Fabrication of Two-Dimensional Organic Spin Systems on Gold

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In this chapter, fabrication of monolayers of organic molecules with unpaired spins on a thin gold film is described. XPS and cyclic voltammetry (CV) measurements showed the existence of unpaired spins on gold surface. In a number of systems with diluted monolayers, electrical transport measurements showed an increase of the gold film sheet resistance for temperatures below ~20 K for some examples, possibly implying Kondo physics.


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The work presented in this chapter was performed in collaboration with the Nanoelectronics group in the University of Twente. Professor Dr. Wilfred van der Wiel conceived the project and Dr. Wouter Naber carried out electrical measurements. Aldrik Velders and Michael de Jong are acknowledged for fruitful discussions and help. Gerard Kip is acknowledged for XPS measurements.


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