A Supramolecular Sensing Platform in a Microfluidic Chip

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A supramolecular platform based on self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) has been implemented in a microfluidic device. The system has been applied for the sensing of two different analyte types: biologically relevant phosphate anions and aromatic carboxylic acids which are important for anthrax detection. An Eu(III)-EDTA complex was bound to β-cyclodextrin monolayers via orthogonal supramolecular host–guest interactions. The self-assembly of the Eu(III)-EDTA conjugate and naphthalene β-diketone as an antenna resulted in the formation of a highly luminescent lanthanide complex on the microchannel surface. Detection of different phosphate anions and aromatic carboxylic acids was demonstrated by monitoring the decrease in red emission following displacement of the antenna by the analyte. Parallel fabrication of five sensing SAMs in a single multichannel chip was performed, as a first demonstration of phosphate and carboxylic acid screening in a high-throughput format that allows a general detection platform for both analyte systems in a single test run.


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The major part of the work presented in this chapter was performed in collaboration with Dr. Bilge Eker in the Mesoscale Chemical Systems group of the University of Twente.


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