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  • Erik Vanem
Part of the Ocean Engineering & Oceanography book series (OEO, volume 2)


How to adapt to climate change is one of the most important questions in society today. It is a political question and perhaps a moral question as much as it is a scientific question. Nevertheless, an important prerequisite for making well-founded decisions is a reliable prediction of the future effect of climate change. The stochastic model presented in this monograph aims at contributing to this discussion by providing a model for predicting the effect of climate change on the ocean wave climate. Such an effect could again have practical implications on many areas of society, most notably related to marine and coastal management. It is acknowledged that the models represent a simplification of reality, as inevitably all models do, and that there is potential for improvements to the models. Nonetheless, it is believed that the study presented herein is an important contribution to the scientific debate on the effects of climate change, and it is a hope that it can spur further debate and motivate further research into the effects of climate change on the future ocean wave climate.


Significant Wave Height Future Projection North Atlantic Ocean Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method Wave Climate 
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