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  • Benjamin Lenk
  • Fabian Garbs
  • Henning Ulrichs
  • Nils Abeling
  • Markus Münzenberg
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 125)


In the framework of magnonics, all-optical femtosecond laser experiments are used to study spin waves and their relaxation paths. Magnonic crystal structures based on antidots allow the control over the spin-wave modes. In these two-dimensional magnetic metamaterials with periodicities in the wave-length range of dipolar spin waves, the spin-wave bands and dispersion are modified. Hence, a specific selection of spin-wave modes excited by laser pulses is possible. Different to photonics, the modes depend strongly on the strength of the magneto-static potential at around each antidot site – the dipolar field. While this may lead to a mode localization, also for filling fractions around or below 10 %, Bloch states are found in low damping ferromagnetic metals. In this chapter, an overview of these mechanisms is given and the connection to spin-wave band spectra calculated from an analytical model is established. Namely, the plane-wave method yields flattened bands as well as band gaps at the antidot lattice Brillouin zone boundary.


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We would like to thank Jakob Walowski for the contribution of the experiment’s schematic shown in Fig. 6.1(a) and Georg Herink for careful proof-reading of the manuscript.


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  • Fabian Garbs
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  • Henning Ulrichs
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  • Nils Abeling
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  • Markus Münzenberg
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