The Study of Apodization of Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer in the Spectrum Reconstruction

  • XueJun Zhao
  • Bin Zhao
Part of the Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing book series (AINSC, volume 169)


During the process of imaging in interference spectrum, apodization is an important part of the spectrum reconstruction in imaging Fourier transform spectrometer (IFTS), and it has a powerful effect on the accuracy of reconstructed spectra. This paper analyzes the principle of apodization, and uses six common kinds of apodization functions to process the simulated interferogram. Combining with the principle of selecting apodization functions, analyzing experimental results by approaches of comparison and drawing conclusions. The conclusions show that Happ-Genzel function is best for simulated interferogram, and the experiment shows that stand or fall of selecting apodization functions impacts directly on the accuracy of reconstructed spectra.


imaging Fourier transform spectrometer (IFTS) apodization spectrum reconstruction 


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  • XueJun Zhao
    • 1
  • Bin Zhao
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Computer Science and TechnologyChina University of Mining and Technology(Beijing)BeijingChina

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