Design, Studies, Construction and Operation Problems During 40 Years of the Exploitation of Hydraulic Project Włocławek

  • Wojciech Majewski
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Hydraulic Project Włocławek was commissioned in 1970 as the first project of the Lower Vistula Cascade (LVC). It was planned to construct eight similar hydraulic projects along the Lower Vistula. The aim of the LVC was to create the source of hydro-energy and to form the route for inland navigation connecting the center of Poland with the harbour Gdańsk. Włocławek project is now one of the most controversial hydraulic projects in Poland. During past 40 years of Włocławek project operation, ecological problems and sustainable development became very important. The chapter presents the basic hydrologic and hydraulic data about the Lower Vistula, description of the hydraulic project Włocławek, hydraulic model investigations completed in connection with the design of the project, run of the project construction and main problems, which appeared during 40 years of project exploitation. Proposals for the construction of the next hydraulic project downstream from Włocławek are also included.


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  2. 2.Committee of Water Resources ManagementPolish Academy of SciencesWarsawPoland

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