Towards a Greenhouse Gas Lidar in Space

  • Gerhard Ehret
  • Axel Amediek
  • Mathieu Quatrevalet
Part of the Research Topics in Aerospace book series (RTA)


Highly accurate measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) by a space-borne lidar will help to substantially improve knowledge of greenhouse gas fluxes. The method of integrated-path differential-absorption lidar for total column measurements has proven to be a suitable means for CH4 detection in natural gas leak surveillance and active remote sensing of CO2. This pioneering work facilitated the instrument development of an advanced greenhouse gas lidar on HALO and set the stage for the development of a CH4-lidar in space instrument foreseen in the Franco-German climate mission MERLIN.


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  • Gerhard Ehret
    • 1
  • Axel Amediek
    • 1
  • Mathieu Quatrevalet
    • 1
  1. 1.DLRInstitute of Atmospheric Physics (IPA)OberpfaffenhofenGermany

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