Aircraft Emissions at Cruise and Plume Processes

  • Christiane Voigt
  • Tina Jurkat
  • Hans Schlager
  • Dominik Schäuble
  • Andreas Petzold
  • Ulrich Schumann
Part of the Research Topics in Aerospace book series (RTA)


The detection of aircraft emissions at cruise altitudes helps to understand and assess the effects of aviation on atmospheric composition and climate. Since the early 1990s, aircraft emissions of carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, aerosol and soot and their processing in the atmosphere as well as contrail formation have been measured in situ with the instrumented DLR research aircraft Falcon. Scientific results from a series of aircraft missions are summarized and explained, uncertainties are discussed and suggestions are made on how to move forward.


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  • Tina Jurkat
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  • Hans Schlager
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  • Dominik Schäuble
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  • Andreas Petzold
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