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  • Herbert Voigt
  • Ratko Magjarević


Dr. Schwan is considered as one of the pioneers of biomedical engineering in the United States. His unceasing efforts during the formative years of the profession also had considerable impact globally. He has made enormous contributions to the initiation and development of the field. His most noteworthy services to the profession include: pioneering and continued contributions to the development of biomedical engineering since 1952 through extensive service on national and international societal committees, government boards (NIH consultant and member to several study sections, member GMS Institute Program Project Committee, HEW National Advisory Environmental Health Council) and consultation, and his organisation of unusually successful national and international meetings (1959, 60, 61, 65). He directed one of the first and most successful educational programs in biomedical engineering in the US. Dr Schwan became one of the first biomedical engineers to be recognised for his many research and service contributions and elected to the US National Academy of Engineering.


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