A New Hashing Scheme to Overcome the Problem of Overloading of Articles in Usenet

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Usenet is a popular distributed messaging and files sharing service. Usenet flood articles over an overlay network to fully replicate articles across all servers. However, replication of Usenet’s full content requires that each server pay the cost of receiving (and storing) over 1 Tbyte/day. This paper shows the design and implementation of Usenet database in Multilevel Hash table. A Usenet system that allows a set of cooperating sites to keep a shared, distributed copy of Usenet articles. In a standard multiple hashing scheme, each item is stored improves space utilization. This schemes open very amenable to Usenet implementation unfortunately this scheme occasionally require a large number of items to be moved to perform an insertion and deletion in Usenet database this paper shows that it is possible to significantly increase the space utilization of multiple choice hashing scheme by allowing at most one item to be moved during an insertion.

This paper represents the problems occur in this type of methods with little bit solution of them. Users may want to read, but it will not solve the problem of near exponential growth or the problems of Usenet’s backbone peers.


Usenet Multiple Hashing scheme Overloading of articles 


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