Microposts’ Ontology Construction

  • Beenu Yadav
  • Harsh Verma
  • Sonika Gill
  • Prachi Bansal
Part of the Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing book series (AINSC, volume 166)


The social networking website Facebook offers to its users a feature called “status updates” (or just “status”), which allows users to create Microposts directed to all their contacts, or a subset thereof. Readers can respond to Microposts, or in addition to that also click a “Like” button to show their appreciation for a certain Micropost. Adding semantic meaning in the sense of unambiguous intended ideas to such Microposts. We can make a start towards semantic web by adding semantic annotation to web resources. Ontology are used to specify meaning of annotations. Ontology provide a vocabulary for representing and communicating knowledge about some topic and a set of semantic relationships that hold among the terms in that vocabulary. For increasing the efficiency of ontology based application there is a need to develop a mechanism that reduces the manual work in developing ontology. In this paper, we proposed Microposts’ ontology construction.


Microposts Lexicon Sysnset Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) Statistically Indexed Table Ontology Concept Extraction Syntatic Parsing 


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  • Beenu Yadav
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  • Harsh Verma
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  • Sonika Gill
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  • Prachi Bansal
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