Comparing and Analyzing the Energy Efficiency of Cloud Database and Parallel Database

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To study the Energy Efficiency (EE) of cloud database so as to achieve green computing, the measurement model and approach of EE should be defined, the EE characteristics of cloud database should be investigated, and the EE of cloud database should be compared with that of parallel database. In this paper, the measurement model of EE and its mathematical expression are proposed; the test cases including data loading, querying and analyzing are defined; the measurement approach of cloud database’s EE is described; the EE characteristics of HBase (a cloud database) when executing loading, retrieving, querying, aggregation and join operations are analyzed and compared with that of GridSQL (a parallel database). Plenty of experiments show that, despite that cloud database is an application of “green cloud computing”, the EE of HBase remains to be further optimized.


Cloud Database Parallel Database Energy Efficiency 


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