On the Security of Two Certificateless Signature Schemes

  • Young-Ran Lee
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (volume 167)


Recently, Xiao \(et \ al.\) proposed a strong designated verifier certificateless signature scheme. Zhang \(et \ al.\) claimed that Xiao \(et \ al.\)’s scheme is vulnerable to key replacement attacks. In this paper, we show that Zhang \(et \ al.\)’s cryptanalysis on Xiao \(et \ al.\)’s scheme is incorrect and Xiao \(et \ al.\)’s scheme is insecure against key replacement attacks. On the other hand, Li \(et \ al.\) proposed a certificateless signature scheme without MapToPoint. It is shown that an adversary who replaces the public key of a signer can forge valid signatures for that signer without knowledge of the signer’s private key.


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