Allocation of Guard Channels for QoS in Hierarchical Cellular Network

  • Kashish Parwani
  • G. N. Purohit
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (volume 167)


This paper present a dynamic guard channel assignment technique based on a two low layer of hierarchical cellular architecture which evaluates the QoS of (LMST) low speed and (HSMT) high speed moving terminals in an indoor area. The lower layer of the proposed architecture is based on a femto cellular solution for absorbing the traffic loads of LSMT. The higher layer is based on a picocell solution for absorbing the traffic load of the HSMT. The result show that using the optimum number of channels and adjusting dynamically the number of guard channels in each layer, the QoS of LSMT and HSMT are evaluated, having a small negative effect on the QoS of LSMT.


Quality of Service (QoS) Picocell Femtocell Guard Channel Hierarchical Cellular Network (HCN) 


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