Enterprise Mobility – A Future Transformation Strategy for Organizations

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (volume 167)


In the changing business environment, where enterprise users are expected to handle critical tasks and decision-making in real-time, it has become a business imperative to stay competitive and agile by adopting mobility to handle business needs. In a typical enterprise, the entire business value chain is geographically fragmented which drives the need to mobile-enable the existing enterprise applications.

This paper highlights the key customer pain areas in Enterprise Mobility adoption across the enterprises. It, not only addresses the Critical Success Factors for enterprise mobility enablement but also outlines the business needs to rapidly create enterprise mobile solutions across all lines of businesses.

The paper enlightens the value impact of enterprise mobility on workplace, organizations and technology and discusses the critical growth factors, key enablers and transformational strategies along with enterprise mobile application components.

Moreover, the paper outlines key design considerations, recommendations and enterprise mobility value proposition to potential organizations in terms of tangible and financially oriented results.


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