Dynamic Fuzzy Based Reputation Model for the Assurance of Node Security in AODV for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

  • Arifa Azeez
  • K. G. Preetha
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (volume 167)


Mobile ad hoc network is a self organized network with a collection of wireless nodes without a fixed topology and centralized administration among the nodes. There is an urgent need for trustworthiness in MANET, as the survival of the spontaneous network depends upon the trust and cooperation among different nodes. The nodes have unmitigated control over the data packets passed through them and so the malicious nodes may accomplish the control over the data packets, thus they may threat the normal nodes in the network. Here the need for establishing a trusted environment in MANET arises. Trusted environment increases the probability of a successful transaction and reducing the opportunities of being defrauded. Trust is used to determine the reliability and inter opinionative between nodes and their neighbors. Difference between actual and expected value of the node behavior determines the degree of trust of that node. In this paper first discuss the need for trusted environment, then the basic issues while designing trusted environment. Then survey some existing trusted models for MANET and point out some issues regarding with them. Based on these studies a solution suggested, dynamic fuzzy based trust model through a drop less route using AODV in MANET. Also advantages of the proposed model are discussed.


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