Model Equations for Flexible Structures with Piezoelectric Actuation

  • Thomas Meurer
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Smart material systems, where active distributed actuators and sensors are bonded or embedded in an elastic structure, occur in a large variety of applications with the purpose of vibration suppression, static or dynamic shape control, or fault detection [2, 11, 18]. Moreover, due to the vast progress in actuator development new application areas emerge such as adaptive optics in telescopes, adaptive wings, or so–called smart skins [24]. Here, it is desired to realize a transiently varying shape of a structure to achieve, e.g., the modulation of optical wave fronts, the reduction of drag, or the improvement of aeroelastic characteristics. Thereby, piezoelectric elements typically serve as actuators by exploiting the indirect piezoelectric effect, which allows to convert electrical voltage into mechanical strain. Due to their spatial extension, the modeling of these systems leads to a distributed–parameter description in terms of partial differential equations.


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