Working and Studying Abroad

  • Norma Huss
  • Sandra Schiller
  • Matthias Schmidt


The possibility of working in almost any environment with people of all types, ages, outlooks on life, etc., makes the nursing and midwifery professions quite exciting. Going abroad – whether to volunteer, work or study – is guaranteed to bring you new and fantastic opportunities in addition to what your profession already offers you. Learning new therapies and techniques, exchanging knowledge, gaining new perspectives, learning the pros and cons of a different health care system, immersing yourself in a new culture and perhaps learning a new language are but a few of the advantages of going abroad. In cases of countries with limited resources, nurses often acquire the invaluable skill of learning to »make the best of what you have« while still achieving nursing goals. Volunteering, working or studying abroad is your chance to enhance the quality of life for people who may not otherwise have access to good health care. It is also your chance to improve the care you deliver to patients back home as they will undoubtedly benefit from the professional and life experiences you will then be able to bring to them.


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  • Sandra Schiller
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  • Matthias Schmidt
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  3. 3.Eilenburg

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