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The issue on salary is the important one to concern the national economic operation and the enterprise development whether nationally or internationally, whether in the past or at present. The salary management is the troublesome and key cell in the development and management of the human resources of modern enterprises and a more important tool to encourage the employee to fully deploy his ability or potential to upgrade the performance of the enterprise, on which any other encouraging measures can be more effective. In practice, to make it more effective, the normalization, science, systematization and flexibility of the salary management in operation and process is the essence of raising the encouraging effects of the salary. In value, it is the radical orientation of the salary management in modern enterprises to implement the humanism and the humanity, for besides the support to the elementary life of the employee, the salary should fully display and respect the value of the people. Based on the importance of the salary management and its core position in the human resources development and management in modern enterprises, the book now focuses on exploring what kind of salary system is consensus all to the individual and to the enterprise and to the society.


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