Domain-Specific Multi-modeling of Security Concerns in Service-Oriented Architectures

  • Juan Pedro Silva Gallino
  • Miguel de Miguel
  • Javier F. Briones
  • Alejandro Alonso
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As a common reference for many in-development standards and execution frameworks, special attention is being paid to Service-Oriented Architectures. SOAs modeling, however, is an area in which a consensus has not being achieved. Currently, standardization organizations are defining proposals to offer a solution to this problem. Nevertheless, until very recently, non-functional aspects of services have not been considered for standardization processes. In particular, there exists a lack of a design solution that permits an independent development of the functional and non-functional concerns of SOAs, allowing that each concern be addressed in a convenient manner in early stages of the development, in a way that could guarantee the quality of this type of systems. This paper, leveraging on previous work, presents an approach to integrate security-related non-functional aspects (such as confidentiality, integrity, and access control) in the development of services.


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  • Juan Pedro Silva Gallino
    • 1
  • Miguel de Miguel
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  • Javier F. Briones
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  • Alejandro Alonso
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  1. 1.Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)Spain

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