MyKnee®: Patient-Matched Instruments

  • Stefan Dittrich
  • Werner Anderl


Proper alignment of the components aimed at accurately reconstructing the mechanical leg axis has gained crucial importance in total knee replacements. Any deviation from the mechanical leg axis by more than 3° varus or valgus will have a negative impact on the outcome (Fang et al. 2009). Computer-assisted surgery (CAS) has markedly improved the accuracy of both component placement and reconstruction of the mechanical leg axis (Fu et al. 2012). Nevertheless, compromises such as extended surgery time and enhanced complication rate, in particular owing to the requirement that additional pins need to be placed, have had to be accepted. These disadvantages of CAS have been eliminated thanks to the development of patient-matched cutting blocks and pin-positioning guides. MyKnee® by Medacta was one of the first systems of this type available on the international market (Koch2010).


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