Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing and Metaheuristics

Volume 427 of the series Studies in Computational Intelligence pp 751-774

Multi-objective Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Partner Selection in Virtual Enterprises

  • Hisham M. AbdelsalamAffiliated withOperations Research and Decision Support Department, Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University Email author 
  • , Amany M. MohamedAffiliated withDecision Support and Future Studies Center, Faculty of Computer and Information, Cairo University

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Virtual Enterprise (VE) is a temporary alliance of autonomous enterprises formed to act together to share skills or core competencies and resources in order to respond to a market opportunity. The success of VE strongly depends on its composition, so partner selection can be considered as the most important problem in VE. This paper presents and solves a model for the partner selection problem in VEs that considers two main evaluation criteria; project completion time and total cost. To do so, the paper uses a multi-objective algorithm, namely Pareto Simulated Annealing (PSA). Results showed improved performance of PSA compared to the Tabu Search algorithm used in a recent study.


Virtual Enterprises Partner Selection Pareto Simulated Annealing multi-objective optimization