A Generic Approach for Performance Evaluation of Vehicle Electronic Control Systems

  • Alexander HanzlikEmail author
  • Erwin Kristen


The DTF Data Time Flow Simulator is developed at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in the course of the EU ARTEMIS Project POLLUX which is related to the design of electronic control systems for the next generation of electric vehicles. An important element of a vehicle is the communication architecture for the electronic control system. The DTF is a model based development approach, based on a modular assembly system for incremental design and analysis of electronic control systems. A current application of the DTF is related to the design and performance analysis of communication architectures for the electronic control system of an electric vehicle. This paper introduces a generic approach that shall enable companies to design and assess their control systems without the need to provide corporate know-how to third parties like tool developers.


simulation automotive control systems data and time flow communication network performance analysis electric vehicles 


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