Automatic Alert Generation from Train to the People at Unmanned Level Crossings Using Principles of IoT

  • Abhinav Jha
  • Amit Kumar Agrawal
  • Chirabrata Bhaumik
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This paper presents a novel concept of an application to improve safety at unmanned level crossings without the burden of a huge infrastructure cost to the railways governing body. The application will keep track of all running train locations and the unmanned level crossings on its way. The application needs to have access to location Appplication Programming Interface(API) provided by Telecom Service Providers. With usage of these APIs the application will be able to keep track of all the people near unmanned level crossings. All service providers have Bulk Short Message Service(SMS) APIs using which the application will be able to send alert messages to people in vicinity of unmanned level crossings. It will make road users aware of the train approaching the level crossing and reduce the risk exposure. The same principle of Internet of Things (IoT) can be extended here for developing a query service by users about approaching trains in a particular level crossing.


Unmanned Level crossing Connected Train SMS SOS IoT Warning System Safety Road users Grade crossing train to infrastructure communications traveller information services 


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  • Abhinav Jha
    • 1
  • Amit Kumar Agrawal
    • 1
  • Chirabrata Bhaumik
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  1. 1.Tata Consultancy ServicesKolkataIndia

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