Industrial Applications of Terahertz Imaging

  • J. Axel ZeitlerEmail author
  • Yao-Chun Shen
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 171)


This chapter gives a concise overview of potential industrial applications for terahertz imaging that have been reported over the past decade with a discussion of the major advantages and limitations of each approach. In the second half of the chapter we discuss in more detail how terahertz imaging can be used to investigate the microstructure of pharmaceutical dosage forms. A particular focus in this context is the nondestructive measurement of the coating thickness of polymer coated tablets, both by means of high resolution offline imaging in research and development as well as for in-line quality control during production.


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The authors would like to thank Ms. Bee Yin Yeo for her help in putting together Sect. 18.3.3 of this chapter.


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