On Distance Coloring

A Review Based on Work with Dexter Kozen
  • Alexa Sharp
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7230)


An undirected graph G = (V,E) is (d,k)-colorable if there is a vertex coloring using at most k colors such that no two vertices within distance d have the same color. It is well known that (1,2)-colorability is decidable in linear time, and that (1,k)-colorability is NP-complete for k ≥ 3. This paper presents the complexity of (d,k)-coloring for general d and k, and enumerates some interesting properties of (d,k)-colorable graphs. The main result is the dichotomy between polynomial and NP-hard instances: for fixed d ≥ 2, the distance coloring problem is polynomial time for \(k \leq \lfloor \frac{3d}{2} \rfloor\) and NP-hard for \(k > \lfloor \frac{3d}{2} \rfloor\). We present a reduction in the latter case, as well as an algorithm in the former. The algorithm entails several innovations that may be of independent interest: a generalization of tree decompositions to overlay graphs other than trees; a general construction that obtains such decompositions from certain classes of edge partitions; and the use of homology to analyze the cycle structure of colorable graphs. This paper is both a combining and reworking of the papers of Sharp and Kozen [14, 10].


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