Research on the Vulnerability of Coastal Zone System Development

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Part of the Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing book series (AINSC, volume 161)


Economy advanced and populous coastal zones employed large amounts of resources and polluted external environment. Therefore, economic and social system of these zones exhibits vulnerability and sustainable development is profoundly affected. Even the system may breaks down. This article discusses the cause for the vulnerability of coastal zone and establishes its evaluation system on the basis of analysis on coastal zone development. Analytic hierarchy process, method of calculating vulnerability and method of gray prediction are used to evaluate bearing capacity, recuperability, susceptibility and stability exerted by coastal zones in the course of time.


Coastal Zone Vulnerability Index System Evaluation System Fragility Degree Gray MGM (1, n) Model 


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  1. 1.School of EconomicsTianjin Polytechnic UniversityTianjinChina

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