The Study on the Application of Sports Dance in Golf Technical Teaching

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As a new rising sports program, the study on methods and means of golf technical teaching is insufficient. In order to make beginners master the key points of golf technique, this paper points out the concept of introducing sports dance into golf technical teaching. It is believed that permeating sports dance into every link in the process of golf technical teaching can help students establishing the concept of core strength, perceive proper shift of center of gravity, and learn to control the rhythm of movement, so as to stimulate students’ interest in learning. The results of teaching experiment that using this teaching method demonstrate that the average score of special skill assessment for students in experimental group is obviously superior to the matched group, and this difference is highly distinct (P<0. 01), so it indicates that this teaching methodology has higher value of application and popularity.


golf sports dance technical teaching teaching experiment 


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  1. 1.The Department of Physical EducationHunan International Economics CollegeChangshaChina

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