Study on the Fatigue Coefficient of World Elite Male Athletes in Swimming

  • Xinyu Qiu
Conference paper
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By conducting statistic analysis of competition results of the top 20 elite male swimmers of each year, we have figured out the fatigue coefficient of different events with the same swimming stroke of the world elite male swimmers. Fatigue coefficients of 100m, 200m, 400m freestyle are 4.53s, 9.77s, 12.83s; when 200m butterfly is 11.75s, and the 200m backstroke is 9.51s; when 200m breaststroke is 10.02s, 400m individual medley is 15.23s. In addition, data analyses of typical cases are undertaken to provide reasonable quantitative indicators for the formulation of training, competition and goals of the national excellent male swimmers. Fatigue coefficient is universal. It applies not only to elite athletes in the world, but also to elite athletes in China.


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