The Development and Application of Valuation System on Competitive Sports Events

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The some related researching materials and fixed the index factors of the valuation system on sport events after comparing, analyzing and synthesizing. I calculated the weight of each factor in valuation system and used AHP method to construct a judgment matrix according to the scored data. All the factors have been examined on conformance by calculating. The sport events have become an important part of people’s daily life with the coming of information society and popularity of sport. The development and application of valuation system on sport events will contribute a lot to construct a comprehensive feedback system on sport events, promote sports development and improve the quality of people’s life. The value of this study and the social appraisal framework based on it is used generally to testify some practical problems and be worthwhile to be popularized.


sport events valuation system development and application 


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  1. 1.Department of Physical EducationHebei Polytechnic UniversityTangshanChina

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