The Research on the Social Appraisal Index System of Reproduction of Media Politic to Sport Events

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We will conduct this project design and arrange investigation and research about the task by using questionnaire survey, interview and analytical hierarchy process at the point of the 16th game of college students in Hebei province. The questionnaire was given out in two stages, factors of each index will be confirmed at the first time. The ratio of relative importance among factors in each index will be confirmed in the second time in order to be used in the analytical hierarchy process. By researching the relation between the reproduction of media politic to provincial sports events and the social appraisal, the index system of that in order to reappear the initial mechanism of action of international media politic on social appraisal in Beijing Olympic Games. It will be an example of framework for the establishing social appraisal in the important international sport game in the future and promote the development of quantization research on international media and social appraisal on sports.


The sport events media politics social appraisal valuation index system 


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  1. 1.Department of Physical EducationHebei Polytechnic UniversityTangshanChina

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