Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament

  • C. Hantes
  • Magnus Forssblad
  • Andreas Weiler
  • A. Amendola
  • M. Denti
  • C. Bait
  • M. Cervellin
  • E. Prospero
  • A. Quaglia
  • P. Volpi
  • Gianluca Melegati


The incidence rate of ACL rupture in young patients (15–40 years) has recently been reported to be 85 per 100,000 person-year, and it is estimated that approximately 250,000 ACL reconstructions are performed yearly in Europe and the United States. Although ACL reconstruction is a successful operation with satisfactory outcomes, an overall clinical failure rate of 10 % to 25 % has been reported. Therefore, an increasing number of patients are requiring revision ACL reconstruction. Indeed, the number of revision ACL reconstructions has almost doubled during the past 10 years according to national registries.


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