Probing Structural Dynamics by Interaction Between Chromophores

  • Rasmus Y. Brogaard
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This chapter deals with the experimental results published in Ref. IV in which structural dynamics in the radical cation of 1,3-dibromopropane (DBP) was probed by exploiting the interaction between the bromine atoms. As such, this experiment illustrates a simpler, although not as general, way of probing conformational changes by interaction between chromophores than more involved techniques as for example 2D-IR. The experimental technique employed is time-resolved ion photofragmentation (TRPF) spectroscopy. Strictly speaking, this technique does not fall within the field of time-resolved photoionization and therefore the first section is devoted to a review of the pump probe scheme of TRPF. This is followed by a motivation of the experiment on DBP and a discussion of the obtained results. The experiments were performed using the Copenhagen setup (Sect. 6.1, page 65).


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