Emerging Markets from an Indian Perspective: Focus on Germanic Countries

  • Som Mittal
  • Ameet Nivsarkar


In this chapter, we try to unlock the potential of what is called the “powerhouse” of Europe, the DACH or Germanic region. The German speaking countries consisting of Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH) exhibit strong characteristics of a developed economy. It is our quest to unravel the emerging markets for the Indian IT-BPO industry and to power the next round of industry growth. As per the latest projections, Germanic economies are leading the European recovery. At the same time, the Indian economy is emerging and finding its place in the sun with a projected growth rate of over 7 % in 2012. Given this context, the two resilient economies present opportunities for collaboration across sectors and to build over their long historical, political and economic connections. Information technology has emerged as a market changer in the recent times and is an enabler to innovation. It is therefore an apparent first choice as a field to foster collaboration between the two regions. The Germanic economies are looking for a makeover while Indian companies are looking to explore newer markets to deliver their expertise. The need is mutual and so are the benefits. The chapter identifies partnering opportunities for Germanic countries and India to develop a fresh perspective on how the two regions can leverage each other’s strengths, products, services, markets and the shared history for a mutually beneficial future.


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